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Ghost Rules and How to tell which Mod Edited you - By Holly-Mod

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'Sup! I'm Hollybops, or Holly-mod when I edit your posts. I'm here to tell you some random 'Ghost Rules' that do not HAVE to be followed, but we can edit your posts for<3

1 - Talking bad about Swift, or any of the Mods should not happen.
2 - Do not curse as an insult.
3 - Do not complain about the Mods!
4 - Do not make Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus.
5 - Try not to bribe the Mods/Swift to be nice to you! (Jaffa Cakes is my favourite food.)
6 - Do not make a stereotypical OTRP/Fan Clan.
7 - I live in Britain. The Jaffa Cakes are to be sent there.
8 - What I say never goes...unless I don't have Jaffa Cakes...:3
9 - ......Did I mention I love Jaffa Cakes?
10 - Do not copy a mod's edit-post.
11 - This one MUST BE FOLLOWED FOR MODS: Do not chain-edit! If one/two mods edit it, that's enough!
12 - Do not share account..

How to Tell which Mod edited you:

[ Oops! ]

[ Uh-Oh! ]

[ Whoops~ ]

[ Nothing special atm :c ]

[Please do/Please don't]


Oh, and by the way, if you fake a Mod's edit...
Hollybops will be after you....>:3

υн-σн ѕραgєттι-σ!
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