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A warrior cat rpg forum, where no one is banned for silly reasons~

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Forum Rules

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Basic Rules

1. Be courteous – Do not insult, attack or tease, even if it’s just meant as a joke. Comments come across differently written than they do face-to-face, so what is funny to one might sound insulting to another.

2. No flaming, harassing, abbreviations, personal attacks, racial, religious, ethnic, or other slurs.

3. Please refrain from bumping your topics, it is alright to do it once or twice but do not make threads to boost karma.

4. Do not report players for frivolous reasons.

5. Give your information out at your own risk, there are creeps out there and we refuse to be held accountable or reliable for your actions.

Post Content Rules

1. Do not kit-steal or anything of the sort on clans that do not allow it.

2. Do not claim artwork that is not yours.

3. Do not link people to inappropriate content, such as pornographic content, viruses, spyware, websites that will log them off, etc. Be nice!

4. Post in the correct forum. If you are not sure if your topic belongs in a specific forum, read the forum description posted in each area. If still unsure, you are welcome to ask in FAQs.

We make every effort to keep an eye on the boards and remove questionable content. However, if you see comments that are not following our guidelines, please report the post to an administrator or moderator.

We reserve the right to delete or move posts with no advance warning. Obviously, we will do so if the content isn’t appropriate based on the board guidelines, but we will also delete posts from time to time to save space.

Please post any non-Warrior messages in the Off-Topic forum.

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